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"Women's Health"~<BR>Pearl Party Oyster Tray<br><br>~ Choose Your Topic! ~<br><br>°。☆ ~ Order Oysters! ~ ☆。°

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"Women's Health"~
Pearl Party Oyster Tray

~ Choose Your Topic! ~

°。☆ ~ Order Oysters! ~ ☆。°


Prodo Donare, which translates to “Project Donate”, is owned and operated by RN’s who strongly advocate for women’s health and civil rights.

Our motto is, "The better informed we are the healthier we'll be!"  Education is key!

In keeping with our Prodo Donare mission and our activism of women’s health care we created this fun Pearl Party Oyster Tray Promoting Women’s Health.

The  "Women's Health" Oyster Tray sections are labeled as:

Breast Health (Ribbon of Hope/Pearl Cage)

Reproductive Health  (Uterus & Ovaries Charm & Venus Charm)

~  This section includes topics of:

  • Uterus Health 
  • Ovarian Health
  • Hormone Health
  • Fertility

Bone Health (Mermaid Skeleton Pendant)

Heart Health (Heart Pearl Cage)

Mental Health (Live Love Laugh Charm, Dog/Pet Paw)

Faith, Hope & Karma (Cross Pearl Cage, Hamsa Charm)

~ Represents humanity, ethics, protection and salvation.

Be the Change (Our Signature Design)







~ Representing the top tiers of Maslow's hierarchy of needs.

# 7. Self-Actualization - realizing personal potential, self-fulfillment, seeking personal growth and peak experiences.

# 8. Transcendence needs - helping others to achieve self actualization.

Through our Pearl Parties and with the creation of this Oyster Tray our hope is to advance the mission of Prodo Donare as well as promote women’s health. Your purchase joins you with the Prodo Donare mission.

The Charities and Causes who benefit thank you! 

All oysters from the "Women's Health Tray" are opened LIVE at a Donare Pearl Party on Facebook .  Pre-orders are suggested or place your order live during a party (view our party schedule).

  • "Like" our *Facebook page to be notified of when Parties go live, upcoming Party dates & times, and of special giveaway winners. "Share" Live Parties to be entered into special giveaways. TBA.
  • Oyster opening/pearl reveals occur in order of when each order is placed. If you are not present when your name is called the host will place your name on hold at the end of the list. If you miss the party you may attend the next scheduled party. 
  • You select which oysters to open by topic when it's your turn.  Each oyster holds at least 1 pearl between 6-8mm in size. Pearl colors are random. Pearl cages and charms are not included. They are presented only to represent the topics listed above.       

     Don't forget to order pearl cages, charms and pendants!

    Pearl Guarantee: There is over a 99.9% chance there is a pearl inside. We have yet to open an oyster to find no pearl within. In the event we open an oyster for you on our live show and there is no pearl we will open another one for you.

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    "Be the Change" Design by DonarePearls™ © 2017

    "The Handmaid’s Sacred Vessel Uterus Ovary Pendant Necklace"
    "Display Your Fertility Status" Design by DonarePearls™ © 2017

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