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°。☆ 。 ~ Prize Wheel ~ Spin & Win! °。☆ 。

It’s fun and exciting to Spin the Wheel and watch as your oysters are opened and the “pearl reveal”. What color pearl you will receive (white, pink, lavender, purple, green, blue, black, grey, red) is always a surprise. Some oysters contain “twins” (2 pearls) which is another surprise and prize. During the party you can “add on” additional oysters to be opened live as well and order additional charms and jewelry.   

Rules of Play:

This "Wheel Spin" is offered exclusively to those who "Pre-order" oysters in advance (to be Opened LIVE at a Prodo Donare Pearl Party) and by "Special Announcement".

  1. Pre-order an oyster and join us for a Facebook Live Pearl Party.
  2. When it's your turn for your oyster opening/pearl reveal you will receive a "Wheel Spin".
  3. You win the prize shown! Everyone Wins!  
    • All Spins occur LIVE at the Prodo Donare Pearl Party Event on Facebook.
    • Spins and “oyster opening/pearl reveals” are done in order of who RSVP and pre-ordered first, then those who drop in and order during the party (first come, first served). While waiting for your name to be called **share the live partly link to your page and to your friends pages to enter for the monthly “share giveaway prize”
    • Don’t panic if you’re late joining the party. If you are not present when your name is called you will be placed on hold and put back in line at the end of the list. In case you miss the party, you can attend the next scheduled party or can opt to have your selected jewelry and unopened oysters sent directly to you at *home. (Opening your oysters at home with friends and family is great fun, but does not include the live party wheel spin).
    • Pearl colors are all random with the exception of winning the spin "Pick Your Color".
    • "Pay it Forward WB+S" - You name someone present at the Donare Pearl Party Event to win a Wish Box (WB)Charm... and you (S)pin again. This person can be a friend, stranger, the person who went before or after you... or even yourself. 
    "Prodo Donare" translates to "Project Donate".  With each purchase 12% is donated by Prodo DonareSM to our Featured Cause or to Your Choice of Charity or Cause.  

    *Oysters to Go... Open Pearl Oysters at Home!

    Open oysters & reveal pearls at home with friends and family...
     host your own "Home Oyster Pearl Event" (H.O.P.E.)
    Fun activity for friends, family or yourself. Makes a great gift.
    You are guaranteed a pearl from each oyster, sometime twins! Pearls range in size and can be colored red, green, white, blue, cream, lavender, pink, purple, gold, yellow, silver, grey and black.
    Don't forget to add pendants to your order!

    Pearl Guarantee: There is over a 99.9% chance there is a pearl inside. We have yet to open an oyster to find no pearl within. In the event we open an oyster for you on our live show and there is no pearl we will open another one for you. When opening oysters at home, if you are worried there may be no pearl inside film yourself opening them. Make sure you check the "meat" of the oyster in your video very well, as often the pearls are hidden. Charity Spins and Oysters are non refundable. Video must be provided for the consideration of replacement.

    Note: If you or the person you are gifting to are allergic to shellfish, the oysters may cause an allergic reaction. Please let us know and we will open your oysters and provide you with loose pearls. Prodo Donare is not liable for any personal injuries or reactions caused by handling oysters.

    Note: Use caution when opening your oyster. Use an oyster knife or non-sharp knife when opening. Do not try to pry open with your fingers as the shell can break and the edges are sharp. Prodo Donare is not liable for any personal injuries in this process.

    Note: Pearl oysters sold by Prodo Donare Pearls are NOT edible. DO NOT EAT. They are NOT consumable safe for humans or animals. After opening and revealing your pearl(s), dispose of the shell and its contents and juices. Prodo Donare is not liable for any harm that may be caused by ingestion of the oyster shell, contents, or pearl. 

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